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Art of Public Speaking:


You can concoct fake ads, or use real ads that are funny in your art of public speaking engagements. They can be read aloud, projected, or distributed as handouts.*

In the art of public speaking, you are constantly aware, so watch for funny ads that relate to your business or presentation topic in magazines and other periodicals. Cut the ads out and photocopy for distribution as a handout or make them into slides and overheads.

Jay Leno, who certainly is known for his style or art of public speaking with humor, has a series of books called Headlines I, II, and III. Besides having really funny headlines from newspapers and magazines, the books have lots of blooper advertisements along with commentary from Jay. My favorite was the funeral monument company that advertised a lifetime replacement guarantee.

You can read these aloud in your public speaking engagements without worry of copyright infringement. Always attribute the source though. You don't want to claim material as your own if you did not create it, because giving proper credit is within the art of public speaking.

*Be careful not to violate copyrights, remember you are a professional in the art of public speaking, who knows how to "break the rules" but always obey the law.
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